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Protests at the Miss World contest in London 1970: about us

Jenny Fortune

Born in 1949, Jenny's story starts in Croydon, daughter of a car dealer with old fashioned ideas about a woman's place. Her story takes us through a revolutionary awakening at Essex University, in a van load of women driving to the Miss World protest 'fired up with disgust, bravado and anxiety' and how that experience transformed her life into one of lifelong activism and excitement, through her experiences in squatting in East London to working as an architect in Sheffield.

Jane Grant

Born in New York, Jane came to London in 1965 to study filmmaking and the radical potential of film. The Women's Liberation conference in 1970 led to activism with other women – including the 1970 Miss World protest. She became a midwife in the 70s and, with many others, has been active in applying feminist principles to care, education and research since. An accident at 60 stimulated interests in ageing, the representation of old women in feature films, and disability. She loves being with her grandsons. 

Sue Finch

One of the protesters against the Miss World Contest in 1970.

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